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Kasos local cuisine

local cuisine  of Kasos Greece

Kasos Kasos Griechenland Kassos isola

Kassos has tasty meat, excellent dairy products and wonderful honey. Try stuffed vine leaves, pasta with 'sitaka' (a kind of soft cheese like cream produced by boiling milk for 3-4 hours) sauteed with butter and onions. 

Also try meat loaf and vegetables stuffed 'paspara' style with rice, liver and lungs and nuts, 'menoules' (a type of small fish) served various kinds of wild greens that grow in coastal areas.

The fish are salted during winter and summer and are ready for baking. Also try 'elaiki', a type of cream cheese. Ask for the famed 'xylikopites' and 'myzithropittes', sweets made from cream cheese, honey and sugar.


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