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Kasos customs

local customs and traditions of Kasos

Kasos Kasos Griechenland Kassos isola

Easter customs :
In the presence of the faithful at the village church during Holy Week local bread snacks are baked and sweets and lamb (or goat) cooked for the Easter meal in a traditional wood fired oven.
A figure representing the Jew is burned. There is a re-enactment of the burning of Judas on Easter Sunday.
Christmas customs :
Local carols are sung at Christmas, New Year and the Epiphany sometimes accompanied by traditional musical instruments.
First footing for the New Year is done by parading the icon of the Virgin on New Year's Day and the island's homes are blessed on the Epiphany.

Marriage customs:
"Kaniski": The groom's gifts to the bride are presented 2 days before the wedding in the presence of women guests alone and sweets are offered by the bride to the groom in thanks.

"Penemata": Music with limericks is played at the groom's home by the local musicians who will accompany the couple to the church and later to the reception hall for the meal and dance.
Traditional food and mezes are served to all guests together with abundant wine.

"Podies": Aprons are given as a gift by the bride to women during preparation of the food and to all men when it is served up to the guests.

"Klisimo": The groom's promise to all those who accompanied the couple home at the end of the evening or the promise to buy drinks on the 2nd day celebrations for the wedding so that they hand over the key to the marital home which they have hidden.

"2nd day"" The continuation of the marriage celebration for a 2nd day.

"Antigamos": A dinner given by the parents of the groom to the couple and the bride's relatives one week after the wedding.

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