Sights to see


Monasteries and churches

In Fry there is a church dedicated to Aghios Spyridonas, patron saint of the island, erected during the 19th century with a beautiful iconostasis carved from wood and an ornate bell tower with clocks. In Aghia Marina one can visit the churches of Aghia Marina, Christ and the Holy Cross with their pebbled floors and remarkable iconostases carved from wood. Moreover, in Hadies, 10 km southwest, lies the Monastery of Aghios Georgios with remarkable wall paintings and a wooden iconostasis. Locals and Greeks abroad keep the monastery in a good state of repair since their faith in the saint is great. On its feast day nearby buildings are converted into accommodation for guests. Located in Arvanitohori is the church of Aghios Dimitrios with its three characteristic arches which inside form the arched supports of the roof, its pebbled floor and courtyard and charming bell tower. The Church of Genesis Theotokou built in 1856 and is located in Emborios. It has three aisles with a pebbled floor and remarkable iconostasis and coloured stucco decoration. Behind the church is a chapel where an icon of the Virgin was found. The church is built on the site of a Paleo-Christian basilica, architectural elements of which were used in its construction. On the marble stairs one can make out the carving marks from the previous use of the stones. Perhaps they came from an ancient temple. The baptistery is located in a separate area. In the village of Panaghia is a church dedicated to the Virgin with a marble reliquary containing the bones of Blessed Kassiani in the grounds. The reliquary appears to be ancient. The church has a pebbled floor and beautiful carved wooden iconostasis. Here the only six consecutive churches in the Aegean are to be found. In Poli one can visit the church of Aghia Triada (the Holy Trinity). There is also the Monastery of Aghios Mamas 4 km southeast with a pebbled floor and carved wooden iconostasis. Next to the church is a guesthouse and a well with water. The location is extremely beautiful and the view here extends as far as the Libyan Sea.


Ellinokamara Cave lies southwest of Aghia Marina 15 minutes by foot along a path. In front of it is a small valley, Paradisi, with olive trees and fields reaching down to the sea. The cave was used as a shelter by locals during times of pirate attacks. Its entrance – 30 meters wide and 10 meters high – had been blocked off during antiquity by a stone wall which has two openings.
Pottery from various periods was found here including the Mycenean period. It seems it was a place of worship from the Mycenean to the Hellenistic period

Selai Cave with its impressive stalactites is located in the Aghia Marina area some 2 km southwest of the path.
It is 30 m deep and 8 m high.

kasos island

Kasos sights of archaeological interest

The picturesque, historic port at Boukas Bay with its wooden fishing caiques is located at the island’s capital. 
In Fry there is a monument to the heroes of 1821 with four small cannons around it.

Fortresses :
Traces of the ancient fortress of Kassos’ acropolis can still be seen at the village of Poli. The hill on which it was built is still known as Kastro (fortress) to this day.

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